Eco door mats recycled rubber backed dust protection

Eco door mats recycled rubber backed dust protection.Eco door mats recycled rubber backed dust protectionEco friendly entrance door mats made from recycled rubber backed for maximum dust protection.

Our Ecotex Recycled Entrance Mat with Rubber Backing is available to buy in two sizes- 60 x 90 cms and 90 x 150 cms and is available in two colours- Green and Anthracite.

Quick Overview- Turn your plastic drinks bottles into your next Entrance Mat!

The pile surface of this mat is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Details- Ecotex brings you a great performer whose pile surface is made from 100% recycled plastic drinks bottles.

It scrapes away dirt and soaks up moisture and the crush-resistant polyester fabric dries quickly and resists fading.

This mat features a non-slip rubber backing. FCEC90150

Oh and there are no delivery charges for this mat.

To BUY NOW and for more information, please click here now!

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