Coir door mats from 19.95

Coir door mats from £19.95 including free delivery.Coir door mats from £19.95 including free deliveryCoir door mats from £19.95 including free delivery in the UK, France and Germany.

Our Doortex Coirmat can be delivered to you door for just £19.95 including delivery charges and VAT.

Quick Overview- A very popular entrance mat style. Vinyl backing retains moisture in the mat.

Great at trapping grit, sand and dust.

Available in tow sizes- .40 cms by 60 cms and 50 cms by 80 cms.

Details- A very popular entrance mat style. Coirmat will trap grit, sand and dust and is mould, mildew and flame-resistant.

The vinyl backing retains moisture in the mat and will keep it in place. FC444060COCO

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This mat is manufactured by Floortex- the UK’s leading manufacturer of floor protection and floor saving products.


Since 2001 Floortex has been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of floor protection products.

Offering an unrivalled range and exceptional quality, Floortex products provide unquestionable value.

With worldwide logistical, sales and marketing support, Floortex maintains a 100% commitment to customer service.

At home or at work, Floortex protects like no other.

An unrivalled range of products offers the enduring quality to safeguard every floor, chair, doorway and desk, keeping high traffic areas cleaner and safer, for longer.

From our extensive range of chair mats for both carpets and hard floors to our indoor and outdoor entrance mats, from our desk protection products to our custom design mats, Floortex is designed to perfectly preserve the condition of every surface we cover.

Floortex manufactures and supplies all these products, worldwide, to major Office Products dealers, wholesalers, internet retailers and high street stores.

First choice for thousands of customers since 2001, Floortex continue to provide new solutions, unbeatable value and outstanding customer service.

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