Since 2001 we have been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of door mats and floor protection products.Door Mats- about our organisationOffering an unrivalled range and exceptional quality, our products provide unquestionable value.

With worldwide logistical, sales and marketing support, we maintain a 100% commitment to customer service.

Our goal is to consolidate Floortex’ position as the European Market Share Leader in Floor Protection Products & Desk Mats & develop its global presence via the following 5 key strategic cornerstones;

* To be unique in Innovation.
* To market a breadth of Range not offered from any other supplier.
* To deliver unrivalled Quality.
* To give unquestionable Value.
* To offer 100% commitment to Customer Service.

A global presence
We have a number of operations around the world- so that you acne be confident that you are buying off a reputable company:
* Mannheim, Germany – Customer Services, European Logistics and Distirbution, Procurement, & Sales.
* Tewkesbury, UK – Registered Office, Finance, IT, Legal, Marketing & Sales.
* Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA – US Logistics and Customer Services
* Moscow, Russia – Russian Logistics, Sales and Marketing
* Barcelona, Spain – Spanish Sales and Marketing
* Sydney, Australia – Australian Logistics, Sales and Marketing
* Auckland, New Zealand – New Zealand Logistics, Sales and Marketing
* Osaka, Japan – Japanese Logistics, Sales and Marketing

All of our quality floor products are made in the UK or eu.
* Polycarbonate andPVC Manufacturing & Production – Belfast, UK
* Dust Control Mat Manufacturing – Romania

Our Innovations
* Addressing ever changing shape of workstations in both home and office for use of chairs.
* Opens huge new floor protection needs for the consumer.
* Good, better and best choice
* New materials with focus on durable, toxic free, environmentally friendly products.
* New shapes, sizes and designs.
* New applications.