Cotton door mats

Cotton Chair Mats- protecting your home and floors

* Natural cotton protection from dust and moisture

* Stops moisture caused by rain in its tracks

* 100% cotton surface designed to be super absorbent

* Product life of five years with virtually indestructible edging

Product Ratings

Water Capacity – 5/5

Dust Control – 5/5

Durability – 3/5

Doortex Cotton Mat Storm Blue- Product on

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Door cable mats

Our door cable mats will help you:

* Helps to tidy loose cabling and reduce slip and trip hazards

* Anti-slip rubber backing

* High visibility cable tidy-mat solution

* Eye-catching border and recess for cables and wires

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Mats- a neccesity or a luxury?

Some see mats as the ultimate office luxury, we at Door Mats see them rather more as a necessity.And it’s not just us- more and more people and businesses now see and understand the importance of mats- not only to your office- but to you and your staff as well.

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Mats to protect your office and home

Mats to protect your office and home.

Sitting in chair working over a computer for a whole day will result in approximately two hundred and fifty times movements over a carpet or floor.As a result, the chance of harming your carpet or floor coverings is pretty high. And floors and carpets are not cheap to replace . . . → Read More: Mats to protect your office and home