Kitchen floor door mats

Kitchen floor door mats

Our kitchen floor door mats will:

* Inhibit the growth of bacteria such as E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus

* Designed for the busy kitchen and bar

* Anti-fatigue and anti-microbial properties

* First commercially launderable kitchen mat

* Anti-slip rubber with drainage holes and low-profile borders facilitates cart traffic

Doortex Kitchen Mat-Product Image on white background.

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Cotton door mats

Cotton Chair Mats- protecting your home and floors

* Natural cotton protection from dust and moisture

* Stops moisture caused by rain in its tracks

* 100% cotton surface designed to be super absorbent

* Product life of five years with virtually indestructible edging

Product Ratings

Water Capacity – 5/5

Dust Control – 5/5

Durability – 3/5

Doortex Cotton Mat Storm Blue- Product on

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Door cable mats

Our door cable mats will help you:

* Helps to tidy loose cabling and reduce slip and trip hazards

* Anti-slip rubber backing

* High visibility cable tidy-mat solution

* Eye-catching border and recess for cables and wires

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Rubber mats to help your staff

Rubber mats to help your staff.

Our broad range of anti fatigue rubber mats can also save you money!A happy worker is a respected worker. And a respectful boss is rewarded by happy staff.

One way a respectful boss can help his or her staff is to provide a good working environment.

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Christmas presents ideas for families and parents

Christmas presents suggestions for new parents and young children.

With Christmas fast approaching Door Mats have made some creative, innovative and great value suggestions for you.

Those little darlings may be the apples of their parents’ eyes, but they can also be budding Jackson Pollocks or Salvador Dalis creating abstract, impressionist and art nouveau works of art.

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Doormats easily delivered to your door

Some doormat retailers and manufacturers deliver their mats rolled up- which can then cause you all sorts of unwrapping and unrolling problems and issues.However our mats are specially packaged within recycled cardboard wrappers which mean that you can easily unwrap your floor covering and start to use it straight away.

So you will not need to find . . . → Read More: Doormats easily delivered to your door

Cheap Door Mats


Great performance with superb value

Tough, hard wearing design
Anti-slip backing
Combines great performance with superb value
Optical barrier keeps mat looking clean while collecting dirt

Product Ratings

Water Capacity 3/5
Dust Control 3/5
Durability 3/5

Value Mat on blank background with clipping path 16cm x 16cm

Doortex Valuemat Detail of Brown Mat

Doortex Valuemat Detail of Grey Mat

Doortex Valuemat Detail of Blue Mat

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Door mats banned from council flats

Door mats and pot plants have been banned from outside council high rise flats over health and safety fears.
Councils want ornaments and plants removed from corridors and communal areas at flats, in response to last year’s fire in council flats in Camberwell, London that killed six residents.

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Magic Carpet door mat ad deemed misleading by ASA

A carpet door mat company has had its knuckles rapped by the ASA over a television advertisement for its Magic Carpet mat.The ad compared walking on a normal doormat, which left a muddy footprint on the floor, with walking on the Magic Carpet, which left no such print behind.

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Logo Door Mats


You can now make a real impact on your customers and visitors with a bespoke design printed onto your entrance mat.

Available in 4 sizes, Logotex mats incorporate your design or logo on a high quality entrance mat which is manufactured from a 100% nylon twist surface with a . . . → Read More: Logo Door Mats